Zbigniew Religa after a 23 hour heart transplant, watching his patient’s vital signs. Image via National Geographic.


Cutting a beating heart out of… A body. A human being.It’s ethically vague.

I know that, in our country, the heart is a relic. But we both know it’s a muscle.

We could give life to many people. Or false hope.



Will Dr. Religa solve the problem? And more importantly, should he try again?


“Religa, you’re not God. “ “Quit killing people, ambition has eaten your conscience. “ - by: Poznan Health Dept.

Professor Jan.Moll(波兰开展心脏移植手术的先驱)在弥留之际对Religa的开导

what’s the biggest problem?

Qualifying patients for surgery? - No.

Cyclosporine dosage? - No.

The time span? - Those are not real problems.

The mother’s eyes after a failed attempt to save her child?

It’s about humility. Failure and success can be equally hard for a doctor. One needs a large dose of humility.

The first transplant, Zabrze. October 1985 Time of death : 8:02 pm, 6th day after the transplant.

The second transplant, Zabrze, November 1985 30 days after the surgery, the second heart recipient died.

The 3rd transplant, April 1986. Time of death: 5:50 pm. Direct cause: asystole. The transplanted heart infarcted, probably right before the transplant.

The fourth transplant, Zabrze, May 1986 The patient of the 4th transplant lived 7 years with the new heart

Until today more than 1000 heart transplanters have been performed in Zabrze.

Prof. Religa died on March 8th 2009

Religa多次手术尝试,每次遇到手术失败,即使不是自己的过错,依旧会喝的烂醉如泥。失败的自责,各方的谴责质疑,都成为了执刀时的阻碍。直至Religa从Moll教授的开导中醒悟,向已故病人Ewka的母亲道歉,得到了她的谅解”It was Gods plan.” 最终,第四次心脏移植获得了巨大突破,成功为病人延续了7年生命。

Joke “The guy is heartless.”

The fourth transplant, Zabrze, May 1986

D: How are you feeling, director?

P: I’m worried about one thing.

D: What is it?

P: That I’ll be heartless again.

D: Just for 15 minutes.

P: I hope nothing stupid comes to my mind at that time.

D: You’ll tell us tomorrow.


主角Tomasz Kot和Zbigniew Religa神似,( ̄﹁ ̄)