that’s only half the story because what happened at Wells Fargo is still [haunting]{常出没于…} many of us even years after we left.

Let’s go ahead and let’s go through the [formalities]{礼节} and get you on the job.

but [apparently]{显然地} there was a [blemish]{瑕疵} on your - on your securities licenses that HR says that we can’t hire you.

and in [retribution]{惩罚}, the bank marked them with a [scarlet]{猩红色} letter, and that’s really hurt their careers.

It looks pretty [innocuous]{无害的} and this is, like, something you’d fill out at the DMV.

But we found one of them, one of these early investment banking [sheriffs]{治安官,州长}.

but there were also a lot of [con]{诈骗} artists in what were called [boiler rooms]{美国俚语,不法证券经纪人的电话交易所}. So you got some office in New Jersey with a bunch of [crooks]{骗子} selling [bogus]{假的} investments over the phone.

There were oil and gas salesmen dumping [fractional]{部分的} undivided working interests on Alabama.

FUWIs. fractional undivided working interests.

the [dodgy]{狡猾的} bankers.

Ashley didn’t know if they were [exaggerating]{扩大} at the time

There’s a lot of people in our branch that are doing some [shady]{成荫的} things.

That was kind of a [pivotal]{关键的} moment for me where I realized something was kind of weird going on.

He called the company’s [ethics]{道德标准} line set up to [detect]{察觉} fraud, but nothing happened.

without their [consent]{同意}

They had [blatantly]{公然地} lied on my U5 saying that I admitted to opening up [fraudulent]{欺骗性的} accounts.

that they were [retaliating]{报复} against me for what I did.

FINRA. It’s the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

So he [rejiggered]{重新安排} his resume, scored another interview and [aced]{击败} it.

it’s still there like a [landmine]{地雷} on his U5, and someday somebody might check.

ending [stain]{沾污} off their records.