a wide range of policy experts all across the political [spectrum]{光谱}, they think are policy no-brainers.

Well, today on our program, we [convene]{召集} a [panel]{专家咨询组} of economic experts from across the political spectrum.

we need a super fancy [intro]{介绍}.

I’m a pretty [hardcore]{中坚分子} free market guy. I’m probably called a [libertarian]{自由论者}.

I think of myself as a [radical]{激进的} [pragmatist]{实用主义者}.

So this is an incredible [lineup]{阵容}, experts from the top of their fields from all over the [ideological]{意识形态的} spectrum.

And it’s not a [mythical]{神话的} [quest]{追求}.

And so [without further ado]{闲话少说}, the six-[plank]{要点} economic platform that every single one of our [panelists]{专门小组成员} signed off on.

And we’re not talking about little [tweaks]{轻微调整} to the tax code, a percentage point cut here in that rate or a bump there in that rate.

our panelists said the tax code in this country makes [fundamentally]{根本地} no sense and needs to be completely [overhauled]{分解检查}.

The simplest thing is sort of a overall reform of the tax code in the direction of [eliminating]{消除} all the loopholes and differences and in particular [deductions]{扣除}.

But even if I might I some of them are useful, like the [charitable]{慈善事业的} deduction, [et cetera]{等等}, I think that the only [defensible]{可防御的} line is zero.

One that, you know, I think just [defies]{挑战}, you know, common sense the way we have it is the [mortgage]{抵押} interest deduction.

Mortgage interest is actually a extremely [regressive]{回归的} form of taxation, extremely [perverse]{堕落的}.

this is $5,000 that the government is [arbitrarily]{武断地} giving you and other mortgage holders over other people in society.

it’s actually [distorting]{扭曲}.

we’re [subsidizing]{资助} them to get an expensive home.

So because rich people receive a much larger [subsidy]{补贴}

We’re going to put in some [applause]{欢呼} and some [reverb]{混响}.

It gets rid of these [distortions]{歪曲} in the housing market.

all your mortgage-holding [brethren]{弟兄们} that maybe it could actually lower taxes on everyone a little bit.

Explanation’s a little hard to fit on a [bumper sticker]{保险杠贴纸}, but I think we’d go with it.

This is a little confusing because to non-economists, this is a very [obscure]{模糊的} point.

But that’s not your entire [compensation]{补偿}.

Which, [frankly]{真诚地}, when you look at it, is like giving you money.

And that’s a [controversial]{有争议的} thing to say.

So when health insurance completely [insulates]{隔离} people from facing any price of the care that they [consume]{消耗}, they start to consume health care that has lower and lower and lower value in terms of producing health.

which amounts to a huge subsidy to an already [bloated]{使…饱胀} health care system.

My [opponent]{对手} is always talking about those of you without health care.

But I alone am [tackling]{处理} a problem equally as great - those of you with too much health care. And so I [pledge]{保证}[costlier]{昂贵的} and more restrictive health plans for most working Americans.

this particular [provision]{规定} in the tax code

it’s [inequitable]{不公平的}.

I am imagining fake voters streaming out of our fake [auditorium]{礼堂} in which our fake candidate is talking.

A tax cut that’s an [insidious]{阴险的} tax.

And it’s not just [pandering]{迎合}.

And the payroll tax is another [offender]{祸害}.

Now, this is a tax that’s [embedded]{把…嵌入} in everything you buy.

making it [progressive]{进步的}

[yacht]{游艇} owners

And here’s the [flipside]{另一面} of this principle.

[Pigouvian taxation]{庇古税}, Pigou, Arthur Cecil,1877—1959

And so we tax it to try to force people to [internalize]{内在化} the costs that they produce.

Tax energy use or carbon [emissions]{排放物} in a way that reflected the cost to the environment that we all share.

But even with all those [disclaimers]{否认}, Russ Roberts said…

The environment is one area where I think the case for government [intervention]{干涉} is the strongest because the [spillover]{溢出} effects are most obvious.

Well, if you like that kind of [bold]{大胆的} [proclamation]{公告}, I present the final plank.

[dignified]{庄严的} economic thinkers

I mean, we should be looking to [decriminalize]{合法化}. You know, drugs like [marijuana]{大麻} are to my view probably much less harmful than alcohol.

the platform that our fake presidential candidate was [espousing]{支持}, those six planks.

But there’s very little [overlap]{重叠} between our panel and the real presidential candidates.