• We’re digging through people’s old ATM [receipts]{收据}.

  • it is also [contingent]{依情况而定的} on how much money other people have.

  • I’m doing this [surreptitiously]{偷偷地} because there is a security guard watching us.

  • I feel like that’s [attainable]{可实现的}.

  • We asked you to send us questions about the economy that [perplex]{使困惑} and confuse and [frustrate]{使心烦} you.

  • He studied the [intersection]{交点} of money and happiness.

  • we love [sifting]{仔细检查} through garbage.

  • And he told us he is very [skeptical]{怀疑性的} about the role of [relativity]{相关性} here.

  • I’ve got a great [proposition]{主张,计划} for you.

  • [ultra]{极端的}-ultra-ultra-rich

  • So it’s purely [conjecture]{推测}.

  • where did the idea that the Fed should target 2 percent [inflation]{通货膨胀} come from?

  • the Fed is [the Federal Reserve]{美联储}.

  • in a [recession]{衰退}, they lower the interest rate.

  • there was this [convergence]{趋同}

  • it’s not like some [precise]{清晰的} academic answer where they did all kinds of [experiments]{实验} and whatever.

  • You do not want [deflation]{通货紧缩}, right?

  • is random [fluctuations]{波动} above and below as the economy gets [buffeted]{反复敲打} by various

  • give yourself a [buffer]{缓冲器}.

  • it gives you a little [wiggle room]{余地,空间}.

  • The [committee]{委员会} judges set inflation at the rate of 2 percent is most consistent over the longer run with our [statutory]{法定的} [mandate]{命令}.

  • due to the [abundance]{富足} or lack of access to different [commodities]{商品}

  • let me just give you a list - salt, sugar, water, bananas, [saffron]{藏红花}, bread, gold, [cobalt]{钴}, natural gas, silver, tin, [tungsten]{钨}, [tantalum]{钽}, wheat, tea, [opium]{鸦片}, cocaine, rice, [saltpeter]{硝石}.

  • Saltpeter is, like, [gunpowder]{火药} basically.

  • [Bauxite]{铝土盐}, [plutonium]{钚} - there was a [guano]{鸟粪} war.

  • There have been wars over [beaver]{河狸} [pelts]{毛皮}.

  • Can I say it’s in a [Dunkin’ Donuts]{宜家全球著名咖啡和烘培食品品牌} bag?

  • It is a [cinnamon]{肉桂} roll.

  • [wrapped up]{掩盖} in this [cinnamon]{肉桂} roll.

  • a lot of [enslavement]{征服,奴役}.

  • And [nutmeg]{肉豆蔻粉} - which there is a tiny bit in this cinnamon roll - there were multiple nutmeg wars.

  • [international postal rates]{国际邮资}.

  • Here, this is a bit of [trivia]{琐事}.

  • bad [infrastructure]{基础设施}

  • [for the ease of]{为方便}

  • get my [postage]{邮费} there and [vice versa]{反之亦然}?

  • their little [wheelie bags]{轮式包}

  • insurance is at the top of the PLANET MONEY pyramid of the [nerdy]{书呆子似的} things that we care about.

  • It’s in the [zeitgeist]{时代精神}.

  • for the exact same [coverage]{保险项目}.

  • they need more insurance, [premium]{附加费} goes up.

  • traffic [density]{密度}. And California has some of the most [dense]{密集的} traffic - LA, San Francisco - in the nation.

  • If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, a little bit of [distraction]{分心}

  • he was so [taken aback]{大吃一惊} that he [haggled with]{讨价还价} the agent a little bit and he got about 150 bucks [knocked off]{减去,扣除}.

  • I’m going to [posit]{假设} here





A:没有答案,缺乏数据。但是可以引用一句施瓦辛格名言:my 30th million didn’t make me as happy as my first million.









Q:Dave Outen的车辆保险从俄亥俄州转入加利福尼亚,费用翻了个倍,原因是?


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