• And everybody has to look them up online like OMB and TPP and [repatriation]{调回本国(of money)} and [offshore]{在境外} profits - and the [bragging]{吹嘘} one.

  • And the reason I say that is not in a [braggadocios]{自夸,吹牛} way.

  • Sam Sanders, you’ve been to this man’s [rallies]{集会}.

  • [deal-making]{交易决策} ability

  • It is a glossary in [alphabetical]{按字母顺序的} order.

  • So let’s go to No. 2 in the [glossary]{术语表}.

  • [carried interest]{附带权益,风险投资基金经理从基金的投资利润中分得的部分}

  • Both Trump and Clinton want to get rid of this [loophole]{漏洞}.

  • selling the [merchandise]{商品}

  • And that gives the captain a really good [incentive]{刺激} to get the ship from point A to point B. And it gives him an incentive to sell the [cargo]{货物} at a good price when he gets there.

  • They get their [percentage]{利润分成}, their carried interest.

  • They’re [devaluing]{使…贬值} their currency, and there’s nobody in our government to fight them.

  • No, it sounds very [bleak]{凄惨的}.

  • [Nefarious]{恶毒的}.

  • so that it was [artificially]{人工的} low compared to the dollar.

  • [prop up]{支持} the yuan

  • That means jobs and [infrastructure]{基础设施} in [advanced manufacturing]{先进制造}.

  • making [draperies]{布料}

  • Politics [inherently]{内在地} is [aspirational]{有抱负的}.

  • we’re sort of [fixated]{异常迷恋的} on these disappearing parts of American culture.

  • [Trojan Horse]{特洛伊木马}

  • The [textile]{纺织品} industry took a really big hit, but it was good for consumers.

  • while [significant]{值得关注的}, is still a really small part of the U.S. GDP.

  • It’s a kind of a [pet peeve]{特别讨厌的东西} of mine, the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • a larger [riff]{重复段}

  • And they end up [lumping]{把…归并在一起} TPP together with China.

  • done with my [rant]{咆哮}.

  • I call it [Trumped-up trickle-down]{川普上经济倒} because that’s exactly what it would be.

  • Classic [zinger]{有力地驳斥}.

  • So we all kind of [groaned]{呻吟} when we were watching it.

  • It’s both so [hokey]{矫揉造作的} and yet her sort of [smirk]{得意地笑} as she said it, there was a kind of pride of [authorship]{作者}.

  • This was called [trickle-down economics]{涓滴效应}参看:里根经济学 by [critics]{评论家}.

  • And they will hire [landscapers]{庭院设计家} and architects.

  • And Hillary Clinton was very, very [vocal]{发声的} about wanting to increase taxes for the wealthy.

  • Now this is one of those [perennial]{持久的} debates between [Democrats]{民主党} and [Republicans]{共和党}

  • I’m extremely under [leveraged]{杠杆}.

  • [encounters]{邂逅} somebody in the [hallway]{走廊}

  • I was on the underleveraged [cleanse diet]{断食减肥法}.

  • And so people will [critique]{评论} him and say, well, he [contradicts]{与…相矛盾} himself.

  • He relies on [exaggeration]{夸大} and [hyperbole]{夸张} and going there to get the deal that he wants.

  • my ears obviously [perked]{活跃} up at that point.

  • Janet Yellen- the chair of the [Federal Reserve]{联邦储备系统}

  • try to [sway]{摇摆,支配} the election.

  • a political [lens]{镜头}.

  • And really [parse]{在句法上分析} the definitions.

  • So it’s perfectly fine to [stress over]{重视} these words

  • When we grow older, I will [reminisce]{缅怀往事}.










7.辩论高潮,希拉里绝妙反击”Trumped-up trickle-down”。川普计划通过税收优惠达到涓滴效应。

8.高度评价自己。TRUMP: I’m extremely underleveraged.

9.川普指控联邦储备系统主席Janet Yellen